Heyo everyone! Hope your all doing great! I've got my back story below!!

My Story

Hey I’m Wyatt I hand make all the clothing you’ll be seeing on this website! I take pride in my sewing and love doing it! I started back in January 2021 and have been enjoying the journey every since. My true story I suppose is one day I was going through my clothes and realized a lot didn’t fit me so instead of going out and buying a bunch of new clothing why not get a sewing machine and add my own little touch all while making my clothes fit again! After doing this for a couple weeks I realized that others were starting to enjoy my creations so I went out and bought some flannels to cut&sew for resell and it worked out pretty great seen some sales and still have one or two peices. Ever since then each month I set out to order 24-36 peices of blank clothing and I’ll order my own embroidered patches to add on aswell. First I’ll get the big box of clothing so I’ll separate everything into pairs on how well the colours complement eachother and the different sizes, then over the course of 2 weeks each day I’ll pick out 2 pairs to do. I then lay out the clothes on the floor and decide what design/cut I will be doing to it, after that I’ll pin the shirts together a start sewing! For my logos I pick how I want them to set out in the shirts that month and ma each the same, I also try to change up the logo placement each new drop! Thank you for your time and reading my story I hope you enjoyed it and it inspires you to make a purchase!